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Industrial Mixing Products

Dedoes has been providing high-quality automotive paint mixers, shakers, and paint accessories worldwide for decades. Even if you may not have known us by name, we have been supporting you throughout your journey by expanding, growing, and offering the best customer service.


We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new product, the Cyclone Electric Shaker, and spray guns. Our Electric Shaker has been modeled similarly to our coveted pneumatic shaker but with a non-explosion-proof motor and timer. Dedoes’ products are durable and designed to last, ensuring that they can take you through every step of your project, regardless of its scale or scope.

A History Built on Grit, Hardwork, and Loyalty

Dedoes Industries was established in 1941 as an industrial manufacturing company skilled in tools, dies, and metal forming processes. Twenty years later, founder Arnold Dedoes was presented with an opportunity to supply mixing machines and lids for a prominent paint manufacturer. To this day, Dedoes has diligently contributed to advancements in paint mixing technology and count among its customers all of the major refinish paint manufacturers in North America.

Over the years, our growth has been driven by both product and process improvements. Continuous investments in R&D, training, plastic injection molding, powder coat finishing and sheet metal fabrication have resulted in a state-of-the-art, 100,000 sq ft manufacturing facility and a new Research and Development/Training center in Michigan.

Arnold Dedoes

Arnold Dedoes
Founder, Dedoes Inc.

Today, our focus is on investing in growth of our infrastructure – with the ultimate goal of providing innovative products, at competitive pricing, with unsurpassed service.

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