We Have the Lid Solution You Need!

Originally designed for automotive paint lines, our lids work well for a wide variety of applications.

At Dedoes, we understand that one size does not fit all. An array of sizes, including half-liter to gallon. Mixing and non-mixing lid options are available. Our lid design includes fewer surfaces on the interior of the lid, eliminating areas that retain paint and allowing for easier cleanup and reuse. Many materials are recyclable.

Alliance Gallon Gear Top Waterborne Mix Lid

Waterborne Based Options

Waterborne mix lids are available in a variety of sizes. The stainless steel paddle shaft can be used in waterborne and solvent-based materials.

Alliance Quart-One Top Solvent Mix Lid

Non-Mixing Options

Our non-mix lids options do not include the mixing paddle. These are used for non-mix pouring and dosing needs. These can be used for water or solvent-based paints.

Alliance Gear Top Solvent Mix Lid

Solvent Based Options

Solvent-based lids come with a zinc shaft and are not be intended for water-based materials. These lids come in an assortment of sizes.