Rapid Air Drying Systems

Cut Down on Drying Times and Save Money, All While Giving Your Customers a Superior Finish

Getting the job done right and getting the job done quickly can often be two different results. Now, with the Rapid Air drying solution you can deliver unbeatable finishes to your customers in under half the regular cure time, all while saving more money and energy in the meantime.

Rapid-Air-2.5 HP-System


RA1000JE Rapid Air Junior


How it Works

The Rapid Air Drying System creates a vortex effect in the booth moving filtered heated air around the entire car, including the flat surfaces. By moving the warm air through the booth, the 2.5 HP electric blower improves productivity and shortens drying times.


  • Low maintenance cost: You only need to replace two-micron filters to ensure the system is clean and works effectively
  • Decreased energy cost: The system consumes on average $0.42/hour when the blower motors are operating, and saves energy due to quicker flash time
  • Flexible operation: Easily change the volume and direction of the air flow during operation
  • 12 Month Warranty
Returns on Investment

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