Cyclone Electric Shaker


The Cyclone Electric Shaker is the same fantastic quality as our world-known Cyclone Pneumatic Shaker.

With a non-explosion-proof motor, this machine operates with a dial timer. Minimal installation is required and is easy to use.


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The Cyclone Electric Shaker can mix an array of materials. The machine operates with a dial timer and can accommodate a wide range of sizes: pints, gallons, and aerosol cans. With a quiet non-explosion-proof motor this shaker can shake up to 18 lbs. Easy-to-use velcro safety straps have been added as the machine operates at 350 oscillations per minute. Simple to install and can be mounted to a table or bench. The Electric Shaker comes with a six-foot power chord.


Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 27 × 12 in