Mixing Machines

Where Quality and Versatility Come Together

With a variety of sizes and capacities, finding the right paint mixer for your shop is simple. 

We have your paint and coating mixing solutions. With a wide range of sizes and specs, our paint mixers have been a staple in shops for a long time. With easy installation and low noise production, our mixers are designed for shops of all sizes and capabilities.

Alliance A1 1.7M Machine

A1 Mixing Machine

By combining ease-of-use, a wide variety of options, and low maintenance needs, the A1 Mixing Machine is one of the most effective paint mixers in the industry

Eight Place Thrift-O-Matic Machine

Table Top Mixers

For simple table top mixing, the Thrift-O-Matic offers 8 or 16 places for quart and gallon can mixing. With no assembly needed, the Thrift-O-Matics are the most accessible and easy to maintain mixers.

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