Dedoes Industries Announces the Acquisition of Rapid Air Drying Systems

Rapid Air Systems

Dedoes Industries Announces the Acquisition of Rapid Air Drying Systems

The merger creates a powerhouse in the body shop paint industry benefiting customers worldwide with a one-stop-shop to increase production and profitability from start to finish


WALLED LAKE, MI –  January 5, 2021 Dedoes Industries, known around the world for its innovation in the auto refinish industry, today announced the purchase of Rapid Air Drying Systems, a cutting edge technology that has changed the face of the body shop automotive drying cycle. 

Rapid Air was invented by industry veteran Rick Hahn, a collision shop owner based in Taylor, Michigan. The Rapid Air Drying System uses turbine air blowers, which can be retrofitted on standard booths or custom-fitted, to create a vortex and a vacuum in the air drying booth. As the air moves at speeds in excess of 1000 feet per minute, it creates a vortex. Instead of blowing directly on the paint, the vortex pulls moisture and harmful pollutants, also known as VOCs, away from the paint. Body shops that use the Rapid Air Drying System regularly experience faster, cleaner results with less contamination, increased production by 50%, and substantial savings through reduced operating and energy costs. 

“We are thrilled about the purchase of RapidAir. We are actively expanding our product offerings and the purchase of RapidAir is just the beginning. It is an established product that is well respected in the industry. We look forward to carrying on the legacy that Rick Hahn, inventor of RapidAir, created. We are proud to take on Hahn’s customers, as well as expand the reach of RapidAir,” said Mark Jurman, CEO of Dedoes Industries.

Other benefits to the Rapid Air Drying System include a reduced flash base coat time of three to eight minutes. The system is also quiet and inexpensive to operate. Rapid Air does not use shop compressor air and features a system that is easy to install. Most booths can be fitted in less than four hours and can be completed by a shop owner or installation technician. 

For more information about the Rapid Air Drying System, visit Shop owners can reach a Dedoes sales representative at or by calling 248-624-7710. 


About Dedoes Industries:

Dedoes Industries is the world’s leading manufacturer of paint mixing equipment solutions for the refinish industry. Operating in North and South America, Africa, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Brazil, Central America, Europe, Mexico and the Middle East, Dedoes provides innovative products with the highest level of quality including mixing machines, stirring lids, paint shakers, cabinets, blending tables and other accessories to paint manufacturers and body shops around the world. 

For more information, call (248) 624-7710, visit and follow us on Facebook (@DedoesIndustries) and LinkedIn (@DedoesIndustries).

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